Peer Review Strategies

"Steve’s style is hands-on and interactive. You can participate in the course to ensure maximum learning”

 Brett Disley, Senior Modeller, Auckland

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Course Details

You do not have to be a expert modeller or a software guru to peer review hydraulic models.  You just have to know what to ask for.

Modellers are notorious for producing pages and pages of results that look extensive but are too technical and worse still are basically useless to the end objective.

Are you sure that the results quoted in the reports and what actually is in the model match?  Based on 20 years experience and the many reviews we have undertaken, surprisingly, sometimes they don’t.

Golovin has developed methodologies that allow the inexperienced modeller to ask the right questions to ensure that the model results reported do make sense.

This is a course that can give you confidence in the model results and help you communicate with internal or external modellers.

Elements include

  • Understanding what outputs software can provide
  • What outputs are critical to good modelling practice
  • GIGO - Simple tests to ensure the model is behaving itself
  • Creating a peer review report in plain English
  • Tricks and common mistakes

Who Should Attend

Non- modelling staff that have to interpret modellers’ reports

Engineers and planners who review resource consents

Graduate modellers who want to ensure their models pass muster

Surveyors who commission 3rd party engineering reports