Principles of Hydraulic Modelling for Graduates


"Steve’s style is hands-on and interactive. You can participate in the course to ensure maximum learning”

 Brett Disley, Senior Modeller, Auckland

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Course Details

There are no University courses in hydraulic modelling.  This course supplements and reinforces on-the-job training.  It sets the scene for a step-by-step approach to completing projects.

A major issue for graduate modellers is that they are prone to “forget” key modelling steps that they did not realise they had to do.  These include how to check hydrological models actually makes sense or whether the total catchment area is actually in the model.

This course comprehensively goes through every element and includes a case study that starts with a blank piece of paper.

Elements include

  • Understanding your software needs
  • Distilling what the client actually wants
  • Structuring your data management
  • Building models and designing simulation routines
  • Developing a reporting standard that saves time
  • Preparing for peer reviews

Who Should Attend

Modellers with less than two years experience

Engineers who do modelling on a part-time basis but need to keep pace with the industry

Non-modellers who want to understand the processes for when they review work